Barcode Label Compliance Solutions

As barcode labeling has become universal and federal food traceability rules have grown, retailers everywhere demand your goods arrive at their warehouses labeled to their specifications.

Of the multiple label standards in use, the most common are GS1 and PTI, both controlled by industry standards organizations. A few retailers such as Costco have their own label standards.

Label Comp Solutions

GS1 Labeling – There is a good deal of confusion over what a GS1 label is. The GS1 is a non-profit organization that is leading a global initiative to provide unique labeling for many products ( GS1 is similar to the already familiar UPC code that you see on grocery items. In both cases, the actual number in the barcode is “issued” by the GS1 (or UPC – Uniform Product Code) council to companies that apply for the product code. The number refers to a specific product and will not be duplicated anywhere else in the world. The new PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) label format requires a GS1 barcode.

GS1 Label

PTI Label with GS1 Barcode

PTI Labeling – The PTI label is a specific label format required by larger retailers for Fresh Produce Labeling. (Walmart is one such retailer. Costco has their own label format that they ask their suppliers to provide.) The PTI label has rigid requirements including the placement of the barcode and other information. We can help you understand how to comply with PTI labeling. Our SIMBA Produce software application comes standard with a PTI label format.

PTI Label