Barcode Labeling to Reduce Data Entry

Barcode labels have been called the most world-changing invention of the past century, allowing any product to be tracked forward and back through every stage of the supply chain, turning disconnected production and distribution into a seamless, unified flow you can closely watch from end to end.

At SIMBA, we are passionate about putting the full power of this remarkable technology at your disposal.

  • Choosing the right label compliance standards, whether GS1, PTI, or another.
  • Designing a professional label.
  • Choosing labels that can withstand the environment at hand, whether hot, freezing, damp, or even underwater.
  • Choosing where to apply the label, whether affixed to bins and cartons, or tagged to the product itself.
  • Choosing how to apply the label, whether manually or mechanically.

We can quickly help you through every part of this and get you in business with a label that works for you!