Thermal Printers

We work with all major barcode printer manufacturers to provide you with the right printer for your requirements. Select from thermal transfer, direct thermal, desktop, rugged tabletop or mobile printers. We supply the labels for all thermal printer types so you can be assured you are getting compatible media for both your printer and your environment.


Mobile Scanners

We offer a broad selection of barcode scanners, from mobile batch or wireless scanners to corded scanners, to mobile devices with cell phone capability. For harsh environments, choose from ruggedized terminals that withstand dust and moisture, or models engineered for freezers.

Touch Computers

All-in-one, high-performance, industrial-grade touchcomputers designed for damp, dirty, dusty, hot or cold conditions. Choose from wipe-down, light industrial models or full wash-down, heavy duty designs.

Touch Computer

Mobile Printers

Now print and label anywhere on your plant floor. Pair a mobile printer with a rugged tablet to create a complete, mobile SIMBA workstation that can print and correct labels or tags anywhere, wirelessly.

Rugged Scanners

In addition to our standard corded and cordless scanner options, we also offer ultra-rugged scanners. Dustproof, spray-proof and waterproof to IP67. Withstands sprays of jetting water and submersion.


Rugged Tablets

Create mobile SIMBA workstations to receive or process product wherever needed, with durable, rugged, touchscreen tablets, each equipped with a scanner back panel. Water and dust resistant, built to withstand drops up to 5.9ft/1.8m, and designed for all-day duty.


SIMBA integrates easily with Weigh-tronix digital scales. We sell Weigh-tronix scales and scale heads. And SIMBA integrates with other brands upon request.


Carts & Enclosures

In order to protect sensitive electronic gear such as barcode printers, we offer stainless steel enclosures to seal out water and dust, or to prevent freezing. We also offer power-supplied carts that can be removed from rooms before wash-down, and wheeled between production lines for workstation sharing.