Our Roots in the World’s Harshest Places.

Our company began in 1981, when technology executive Alison Falco launched barcode equipment reseller Dynamic Systems, Inc., whose key markets included the surging Alaska seafood industry.

Alaska seafood turned out to be the perfect proving ground for rugged, reliable, barcode-based food processing. Environments were wet and rough. Processors depended on seasonal workers with limited English skills, working long shifts with little time for training. Processing plants were often beyond the reach of phone service.

After years of answering these challenges with tough electronic tools and innovative labeling, Dynamic Systems acquired SIMBA in 2008 to create a complete software and hardware solution that linked PCs, scanners, printers, and the rugged touchscreen tablets recently developed for the U.S. military that dramatically reduced data entry and training time.

It was an opportune moment, as rising seafood quality standards and tighter worldwide fishery management created demand for audit reports to retrace any carton of seafood to the boat that caught it, proving that certain tuna was indeed dolphin-safe, that salmon came from the fishery claimed, and so on.

Dynamic Systems soon refined SIMBA into the robust, user-friendly software suite we know today, while expanding into new seafood markets in Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean and South America.

SIMBA was also an early mover into mobile operating systems and the Internet of Things, integrating with the growing network of smart devices across every production floor: digital scales, cutters, sorters, label printer/applicators and more.

Meanwhile, the meat and produce industries took notice. They had their own growing concerns over food safety, sustainability and traceability, making SIMBA an easy solution. Soon, SIMBA expanded into perishable food processing of all kinds, providing meat packers and produce processors the same benefits that seafood processors enjoyed in inventory management and tracing.

SIMBA now spans the entire perishable foods processing industry. A dependable, intuitive, flexible system that can take whatever mother nature dishes out.